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Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary (THS) was founded in 1993 with a mission to provide care and a forever home to animals in need. 

The sanctuary was an enormous undertaking, something I could not possibly have envisioned those twenty-plus years ago when I started it. I had always rescued animals in a small and simple way, but when one of my horses had a terrible accident due to the negligence of a stable owner, I decided to create a home for the animals I loved. After that, frantic preparations began and the mammoth process of raising the necessary funds to buy land commenced. It was huge; it seemed insurmountable. We sold everything we possessed of any value, and somehow we did it.

On the 5th December, 1996, my partner Martin and I moved to the sanctuary, with our family of animal friends. The next day, our injured horse Oscar came “home,” living happily for another four years, until old age eventually took him from us.

Since that time, the sanctuary has just grown to nearly 450 animals spanning across 5 properties. Whether they be retired race horses, ex-fighting dogs, or neglected and abused farm animals, they all are given love, respect, medical care and a peaceful place to live at THS.

We wouldn't be able to help so many animals without your continued support. Thank you for standing with us.

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Fiona Oakes
Founder, Tower Hill Stables