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Winston was originally bought as a miniature house pig, but his owners soon realised that this was not the case after he took over the house having already re-designed their garden! 

As nowhere could be found to take him Winston's future was looking grim, but thankfully Fiona heard about his plight and offered him sanctuary. His friend Bear, a little rescued cade lamb, likes to kiss him goodnight



Violet is a cade lamb rescued in 2017. Cade or "Pet" lambs are the smallest of triplets. Ewe's only have two teats and so can only really rear twins or a single lamb. If the third is kept with mum then all three will be underweight as far as the "industry" is concerned, so the smallest lamb is usually disposed of :(

Violet was rescued before this happened to her along with 30 others, all now loving life at the Sanctuary. 



Jonathan was rescued in 2017 together with three friends, Dylan, Woodstock and Malky.

Jonathan had an accident and broke his leg - thankfully Cambridge University Equine Hospital agreed to treat him and he wore a cast for 6 weeks. It was a nasty break, but he is now fully recovered and loves to spend his time with the 13 little calves that have recently arrived at the Sanctuary.


Dylan was rescued in 2017 together with three friends, Woodstock, Malky and Jonathan. All four were baby boys destined for slaughter at a fattening unit in Norfolk, UK.  Most male calves born to dairy cows are slaughtered as the unwanted by-product of that industry, some go for veal and some, like these, for fattening. 

Luckily for these four, we were able to save them and Dylan has grown into a big strong lad and is loving life here at the Sanctuary.



Hugo and Hector were rescued in 2017. Two of 13 little boy calves taken in by the sanctuary being the unwanted waste products of the dairy industry. 

Hugo was very ill on arrival with a severe bacterial infection and was given a 20% survival rate by the vet. Thankfully with appropriate medication and lots of TLC he made it, although is a little smaller than the rest of this "gang"



Rascal's mum was rescued in 2017.  Unknown at the time was the fact that she was pregnant with Rascal and quite a few of his brothers and sisters!

All now neutered and living with mum at the sanctuary in a herd of around 100 they enjoy their bread, fruit and vegetables as well as a regular mud bath!